Want to Know a Secret?

Writing gives me a great excuse to sit around in my cozy covers through long, dark, Alaska winter days. Plus, this way I'm not just talking to myself, I'm putting the voices to work by getting to know my characters!

Come meet them, too!

Love is Blind, So is Revenge

An 80,000 word, contemporary YA romance that collides with a fractured fairytale. 

Furious abut her mom's new boyfriend and ignoring what killed her dad, Grace gravitates to Calvin's charisma and tequila shots. when his passion turns into abusive jealousy, she's in too deep to speak up. Two spirit guides, Red and Wolf, arrive to help, but old vendettas surface and everyone's stories intertwine. Fortunately, Grace meets Forrest and finds motivation to sober up and fight the craziness. 



Nyghtmare’s Code

In this 70,000 word, middle grade, urban nightmare set in Seattle, a boy's obsession over his brother's death brings to life a manifestation of his deepest fears. He just wanted to make a killer video game, but now he's got to fight a real-life murderer when Nyghtmare comes alive. Read more...



An evil princess. The Unigoats she hates. And the girl determined to save them. Set in an old copper mine-turned-lodge in remote Alaska...and a similar, but alternate world, down a mine shaft. Read more...


Picture Books

Whatever You Do, Don’t think About a Dragon (first place winner!)

Whatever You Do, Don't Cross that Bridge

Fat Cat and Caterpillar

All picture books told in second person, encouraging reader participation, with twists and turns to keep the kids, and adults, giggling.