The Game of Love and Death

Everything about Martha Brockenbrough's new book THE GAME OF LOVE AND DEATH amazes me. It's fascinating to read, and intriguing to examine as a writer. This book's creative elements––-Original characters; Captivating, tense plot; Intertwining P.O.V.; Romance, and not just any romance but an interracial one; literary writing–––kept me reading way too late. Don't start this book the night before a final or a big day on the job!

 IMHO...okay, I'm not so humble...I'm giving this book a huge shout because it catapults Martha Brockenbrough's writing into the ranks of my heroes of creative fiction for teens (and adults who think like a teen...or is that just me?), A.S. King, Robyn LeFever, Meg Rosoff, Ellen Hopkins...the list goes on. 

As a writer, I know how long it can take to craft a book like this, but I still want to ask her: What's in the works? When does the next one come out?