Crazy About A.S. King

I don't write reviews often, but I have to shout about A.S. King's books. All of them, though I just finished REALITY BOY. I want to make a witty metaphor about how with every obligatory page turn I felt I was in the room with the characters, living their reality. (Because of the circumstance of the main character, him being the unwilling star of a reality show.) But nothing I can write will compare with what A.S. KIng wrote. Just read her book. Now.

If I was 16, I'd scream OMG! how does she write such twisted stories so well?  Since I'm not 16, or even 18, or anywhere close, I've got to wonder why I love Young Adult fiction so much?

  • They're generally fast-paced, skipping yards of back story and eyelid-drooping exposition.
  • I have a short attention span.
  • The characters are exploring how to explore their world. They're wondering how things work in their world.
  • Maybe my horizons are a little broader after a few more miles under my boots, but I still say what the F is that about all the time?
  • YA fiction stretches boundaries, digs in, and gets to the meat of emotions.
  • I have a big appetite for that.

So here's to another late night of reading! Thanks A.S. King. Heard you have a new book coming out in September. Great news, because I've read everything you've published so far.