Synchronicity: Grab It

I'm receiving signals from the ether, and I'm not even wearing my tinfoil hat. I'm on a list serve with a current discussion thread about the merit of blogging and having a website if you are a pre-published author. Who would read it? How much time to put into it vs. writing? Is it important.

Made me wonder if any one reads my blog...and looking at the stats provided by SquareSpace, not too many. BUT––here's the synchro part––this week people actually emailed me after reading my blog. And now you are too!

I don't blog enough to probably keep your attention, so I'm going to put some effort into it. I've been meaning to make a calendar with target activities for each day to propel me into the published-author world. I'm s(lightly) published, but not in my new genre. I even bought a big calendar. Have yet to hang it and adorn it with to-do lists. Always would rather just write. But "sharpening the saw" (Steven Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People) is important. 

GO SHARPEN YOURS! What do you need to do, besides writing, to prepare for the day you are published? Or your (next) book gets released? I'm going to revamp this website, blog regularly, and get that calendar hung...and put on my tinfoil hat.