Winner 2014 PNWA Literary Contest
Picture Book "Whatever You Do, Don't Think About a Dragon"

is big on page turns and asks for reader participation. 

(available for representation)

3rd Place SW Writers Intl Contest
Short Story "Cigarettes and Buddha" for adults

"In what might otherwise have been a familiar story of a mom watching
her son's first rebellion, the author brings us to a bizarre world
where a mother's intrusion can be circumvented by Vincent
the star anise-scented ghost of an Irish Vietnam vet.
Whoever thought that the promise of lung cancer could be so funny?
Certainly Vincent, who brings with him the unquestionably ghostly gin shots,
and leaves the reader wondering what might come of this ghost,
this smoking child, and his yogi mother, the seer."

Finalist 2013 Crested Butte Writer’s Contest

An evil princess, the Unigoats she hates, and a girl determined to save them all.
Dreaming of magic and unicorns, and getting along with her older brother, 
River explores the woods near her home, 
a lodge next to an old copper mine, deep in the Alaska Wilderness.
She discovers a hidden valley where Unigoats roam free. 
The princess of people similar to Alaskan Natives,
but who live in an ice palace rising from a glacier,
wants the Unigoats for a fireworks display.
River's brother wants to "mine" the valley and Unigoats by creating an amusement park.
River struggles to save the Unigoats, and her brother from greed. 

(available for representation)

Finalist 2010, 2011, 2012 PNWA Lit Contest

This 70,000 word, middle grade, urban nightmare set in Seattle,
a boy designs a video game based on his bad dreams,
but he makes more than a killer game––he creates a real-life murderer when Nyghtmare comes alive.
When the fiend 
captures his Dad, it’s up to the boy to bring his nemesis down.
But in the real world, Valin possesses no special powers. No power-up icons. No second lives.
To survive, he must conquer his childhood fears.
To save his dad, and the world,
Valin must believe in his power to control how he plays the game of life.

(This manuscript currently under consideration by an agent)