Stef at beach '16

"The rising tide lifts all boats."
---John F. Kennedy

Here's the space where I write about me, but it's really all about others. Everyday, whether writing, guiding writers and illustrators, teaching yoga, or raising kids, I'm really pouring my heart into the idea that we can craft a good life. We can face our fears and give them a good shake. It isn’t always easy! But I’m not giving up. You could say I’m a work-in-progress, like the plethora of stories in my head waiting their turn to be written. 

I’m a dreamer. I’m a rebel with a cause. I’m easily distracted, with too many projects and opinions. But I can come down to earth: I write everyday. I am the Regional Advisor for SCBWI Alaska. I’m a proud parent. I’m a yoga student and instructor. 

After exploring the world, I chose to live in Alaska. The mountains are my playground, the ocean my sage, the fresh arctic winds pure spaciousness. The long dark nights promotes reading, and the midnight sun gets me writing.  

If you have stories calling to come out and play, I urge you to claim your time to write.

Don't try; do!
Don't carve out the time; make it a priority!
Do it for yourself.
Do it for your readers.

Stefanie Tatalias

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