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I’m all about living a life I love, with Friends I trust,
and not taking it all too seriously.


Everyday, whether writing, guiding writers and illustrators, teaching yoga, substitute teaching or raising kids, I'm really pouring my heart into the idea that we can craft a good life. We can face our fears and give them a good shake. It isn’t always easy! But I’m not giving up. You could say I’m a work-in-progress, like the plethora of stories in my head waiting their turn to be written.  Read More...


WOOP Grant SCBWI ‘18 and accepted to NV’s mentorship program 2019 for my middle grade novel “A Whale and His Boy” which you can read more about below. Super excited about this manuscript!

Finalist "Halloweensie" contest '16
Most prom. '15 SCBWI/AWG Conf.
1st 2014 PNWA Literary Contest
3rd 2014 SW Writers Contest
Most Prom. '14 SCBWI/AWG Conf.
Finalist '13 Crested Butte Writers
Finalist '10, '11, 12 PNWA Lit Contest
And More....

I'm the Regional Advisor of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators    Alaska Chapter   .

I'm the Regional Advisor of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
Alaska Chapter.

Want to Know a Secret?

Writing gives me a great excuse to sit around in my cozy covers through long, dark, Alaska winter days. Plus, this way I'm not just talking to myself, I'm putting the voices to work by getting to know my characters!

Come meet them, too!

Love is Blind, So is Revenge

An 83,000 word, YA light horror romance, with lots of twists. It has the magical elements of Nick Lake’s “There Will be Lies” and A.S. King’s books, as well the dynamics of friendship, family troubles, and navigating the side roads of life found in Ellen Hopkins’s novels.

Seventeen-year-old HARPER blames herself for letting her dad drive drunk and getting into a fatal accident. Seeking solace, she gravitates to ASH’S charisma, kisses, and shots of tequila. When his passion turns into jealousy and abuse, she’s in too deep to speak up. Fortunately, she has two spirit guides, RED and WOLF. Unfortunately, they’re invisible (usually) and haven’t figured out how to get along, let alone agree with how to help Harper. Things get messy when everyone’s stories intertwine, old vendetta’s surface, and Harper spies a girl in a red hood. And then there’s that wolf. Is he here to help or eat her? Love, fangs, and broken hearts ensue…until our girl gets smart, sobers up, and defends herself.



A Whale and His Boy

A WHALE AND HIS BOY is about a hungry pod of killer whales in Prince William Sound, Alaska, and one particular young whale, Comet. David also lives on PWS, in Valdez, where the air is salty, fishing boats fill the harbor, and kids grow up with a fishing rod in their hands. On his first commercial fishing trip on his family’s boat—his first chance to prove he’s a real fisherman—things don’t go as planned.



The Sheep that Made a National Park

In 1906, the mass hunting of the Dall sheep, similar to the buffalo’s demise, inspired hunter-naturalist, Charles Sheldon to put his gun down and lobby for eleven years for the creation of Denali National Park.



Come to a SCBWI Event

As Regional Advisor for SCBWI, this is what I have brewing: 

Every second Tuesday of the month, critique group in Anchorage. Every second Thursday, critique in Palmer. Every fourth Thursday, Illustrator critique in Anchorage.

Annual boutique Big Thaw Retreat in April or May. This year, 2019, we meet in Talkeetna, a small quirky village two hours north of Anchorage towards Denali National Park, April 26-28.

Annual Conference is Sept 20-22, 2019 in Anchorage, AK. We're working with Alaska Writers Guild and Romance Writers of America to bring you an amazing event.

Come to an event! Come write and illustrate! Come learn and be inspired.

Visit: for more information.